Thơ Xuân Quỳnh: Top 10 Bài Thơ Hay Của Xuân Quỳnh

Xuan Quynh’s poetry is full of emotions with different levels like Xuan Quynh’s always-on personality. The poet’s poems when he is happy, when he is sad, and when he is sad, his thoughts are always close because they are written with the tenderness of a woman who is both a poet and a wife and mother. In the article, Dr. Khoe will share the beautiful poems of Xuan Quynh.

1. Waves

Intense and mellow
Noisy and quiet
The river does not understand me
Waves find the ocean

Oh the waves of the past
And the next day still the same
Longing for love
Recovery in the child’s chest

Before all the waves and waves
I think about you, me
I think about the big sea
Where does the wave come from?

Waves start from the wind
where does the wind start?
I do not know either
When do we fall in love?

Waves in the depths
Waves on the water
Oh the waves miss the shore
Can’t sleep day and night
My heart misses you
Even in my dreams I’m awake

Even to the north
Though to the south
Everywhere I think
Towards you – one way

Out in the ocean
Those hundred thousand waves
Which one does not come to shore?
Despite all the obstacles

Life is so long
Years still go by
Like the sea, even though it’s wide
Clouds still fly away

How can it be melted?
Become a hundred small waves
In the big sea of ​​love
Let thousands of years still clap

2. Boats and the sea

I will tell you
The story of the boat and the sea:

“Since when, I don’t know
The boat listens to the sea
Seagull wings, blue waves
Take the boat everywhere

The heart of the boat is full of desires
And the immense love of the sea
The boat goes on and on and doesn’t get tired
The sea is still far away… far away

Gentle moonlit nights
The sea is like a little girl
Whisper your thoughts
Around the side of the boat, the waves crash

Sometimes for no reason
The sea rushes the boats
(For eternal love
Ever stand still?)

Only boats can understand
How vast is the sea?
Only the sea knows
Where is the boat going?

The days we don’t see each other
The silver sea first misses
The days we don’t see each other
The boat’s heart hurts – broken

If I give up on the boat
The sea is only stormy”

If I have to stay away from you
I’m just a storm

3. Sing yourself

No wonder I wish it was gold
My heart, you used to know
You are a person who despises wealth
So if you need it, sell it right away

I also don’t expect it to be like the sun
Because it will turn off when the evening shadows fall
I’m alone again with the long silent night
But my heart is far from your heart

I’m back to my heart’s content
Know how to revive dead red blood cells
Know how to get back what was lost
Know how to close the distance of the trustee

I’m back to my true heart-me
Know what you want
Know how to be touched through many perceptions
Know that I love you and know that I love you

Why are there so many storms this autumn
The ship’s windows don’t close
The moorland and the dark great thousand
I am lost in the depths of your forest

I’m worried about my way
Heart beats the unspeakable
Heart pounding with hunger
What fire glimmers in the lonely

I’m back to my true heart-me
As flesh and blood, who does not have in everyday life?
Also stop beating when life is no more
But I know I love you even when I’m dead

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4. Chicken lunch

On the long march
Stop by the small village
The sound of a rooster jumping:
“Department… Department with us”
Listen to the midday sun
Listen to tired feet
Heard about childhood

Lunch chicken
Pink straw eggs
Hey dream hen
Flowers all over me with white spots
Hey golden hen
Hair as shiny as the sun

Lunch chicken
There is a voice that she still scolds:
– The laying hen you look at
And then wander the face!
I’m going to get a mirror
Worrying heart

Lunch chicken
Her hand cupped the egg
Dedicate each fruit
Let the hens incubate

Every year every year
When the winter wind comes
She takes care of my chickens
Hope it’s not foggy
To sell chicken at the end of the year
I got new clothes
Oh the jeans
Long and wide tube sweeps the ground
The congratulatory blouse
Pass by and listen to the rustling

Lunch chicken
Bring so much happiness
The night I came home, I dreamed
Egg pink sleep

I fight today
For the love of the Fatherland
Because of the familiar village
Grandma, also because of you
Because of the cock cluck
The nest of pink eggs in childhood

5. Love poetry at the end of autumn

At the end of the sky, white clouds fly
Yellow leaves are too sparse
Do leaves go to the forest?
Autumn comes with leaves
Autumn goes to the sea
Following the immense water
Autumn in chrysanthemum
Only you and me

Only you and me
It’s from the old autumn
Suddenly the wind blows
Blow about all the turmoil:
The familiar path is strange
The grass turns in the direction of the clouds
Dew at night wet cheeks
The cold on the hand

Our love is like a tree
The stormy season has passed
Our love is like a river
It’s been a peaceful day

Time is like the wind
Season goes with May
Seasonal age goes on forever
Only you and me

Only you and me
Stay with love…
– Behold new lovers
Go with the lucky pig

6. May flowers

The sand is empty, the river is full, the trees are dumbfounded,
The fluttering space changes to the season.
My name is called behind the canopy of leaves,
My old way back has now been collected.

White clouds fly with the wind,
The heart is like the sky in the primeval time.
Bitterly sending back the old seasons,
Poetry written in two lines in the wind.

Everywhere is full of flowers and grass
My shirt was inadvertently filled with grass
Words of love are as thin as smoke,
Who knows if your heart has changed?

7. Fairy Tales About Humans

God was born first
Just kids
On the naked earth
No trees or grass
The sun is not there yet
It’s just darkness
The air is only black
No other colors yet


Children’s eyes are so bright
But I haven’t seen anything yet!
New sun rising
Let children see clearly
Green begins to grass
Blue starts the tree
A palm-sized tree
Leaves of grass with hair
The flower is the size of a daisy
Red makes flowers
The bird was born at that time
Let the children hear the song
Singing in the water
The song is as high as the clouds
Innocent winds
Spread the sound around
Want children to bathe
Rivers begin to make rivers
The river needs immense
The sea has existed since that time
The sea gives thoughts
The sea gives birth to fish and shrimps
The sea gives birth to sails
Let the kids go around
Clouds for shade
It’s sunny and cloudy
When children learn to walk
Road from that day
But still needed for children
Love and Lullaby
That’s why I was born
To hold and take care
Mother brought back singing
From the bangs
From a very fragrant flower
From very white stork wings
From the very bitter taste of ginger
From the spot that hasn’t dried yet
From the source of the rain
From the deserted sandy beach…

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Know children’s desire
Stories of the past, the day after
I don’t understand where it comes from
And she returned there
Tell many old stories
The story of the toad, the fairy
The story of Miss Tam being gentle
Ly Thong is evil…
Her hair is silver
Her eyes are happy
She told about her life
It’s okay too

Want to let children understand
So dad was born
Dad told me to be good
Dad taught me to think
It’s so wide that the surface of the pool
Long is the way
Mountains are green and far
The circle is the earth…

The starting letter comes first
Then there are chairs and tables
Then there are classes with schools
And born a teacher…
The board is equal to the mat
Chalk from the rock
Teacher writes really big letters
“Human story” first

8. Funny Poetry About Females

Men, how many great things do you have?
Overcoming the small doorway, the narrow office every day
You come up with submarines, missiles, airplanes
To explore new planets
Your assets are the planets, the universe
Do you know where the oil and silver mines are?
Conquer the ocean with ships
Going to the future on the shortest path
Each of you is a politician
You care about the loss of nations.
So many important things are mentioned
The treaties that turn the world around

We are just ordinary women with no names
Get used to the daily chores of the kitchen
How is life supposed to be so difficult?
How to divide rice, cake, firewood and oil?
Miscellaneous minds think about the market
Eggplants, shrimps, vegetables
For Nit and Kang, superheroes now and in the past
Let’s confess: we are indifferent first class

We still have to queue to buy meat
Buy your child shoes to school
We care about soap, about toothpaste
Worrying about knitting clothes for her husband and children from the cold…

We are ordinary women on Earth.
Get used to the daily chores of the kitchen
We don’t have submarines, missiles, planes
Not even an atomic nucleus
We only have pots with pots with fire
There is love and there are lullabies
Cauldron storks from the past
Still swimming by the river to catch shrimp
Life is still a thousand generations
Like the moon rising, like flowers blooming every day…

If the example does not have us here
Is life still life?
Who will bring you happiness and sadness?
Open your heart to welcome you after hard failure
Think about the world with only men
You will no longer know how to love or hate
You guys don’t fight but you don’t do anything
The world will grow old and will perish
Who will give birth to the children?
To continue the race and teach them to love, to sing…

Early in the morning, I step on the footprints in the sand
The mother gave birth to the Phu Dong Thien Vuong
Whether they are heads of state or heroes
Is it a doctor… or whoever it is
Still a woman’s child
An ordinary woman whose age is unknown

My dear, my great
I’m the sun, you’re just a grain of salt
A little salty in the great ocean,
The species of moss who ever knew
I’m just a blade of grass under my feet
It’s an accidental dust on a shirt
But if I can’t measure rice this morning
Surely he did not have lunch in the afternoon.

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Some funny poems on the occasion of Spring Day
Just kidding, please don’t be angry
Honestly, we can’t even live
Without you, the world would only be women.

9. White Sand Lao wind

The white sand Lao wind of my life
Me of the sand of the harsh Lao wind

In the hot wind on sweltering summer afternoons
My mother lulled me to a grain of gritty teeth
As soon as I grew up, I knew how to dig tunnels
Under bombs and bullets, the Lao wind still blows
And on the sand, new dunes
The grass of the sun rolls like a wheel
My life is covered by sand
When fighting the enemy, the sand works as fortifications
The blood of my comrades and the blood I spilled
On this sand, the wind blows
The tree I planted is not shaded enough
Enemy bombs cut tattered leaves and branches
The potato here is smaller than the one in the fertile field

Melted custard apple – the wind passes
Only the sun, the sand doesn’t rain
Feet sinking feet more burning
In the wind and sand, in the midst of fierce days
I think of earnestly a blue
A forest full of fruit on the branches
I plant the root and my hand will pick
My house, I will return to rebuild
Pink tile for future faces

I just got back, I haven’t seen anything yet
Only sand and Lao wind fan the fire
The burning wind when walking becomes nostalgia
Dry sand in forever love
Though sometimes I’m not satisfied
With the sand that burns my feet
With the wind ripening the face
The barren land of cassava has little growth
I am willing to give my life
Let white sand and Lao wind fan the fire.

10. I Love You Mom

– I love you like God
Ever so wide

– Then how do you know?
Where is the sky?
The sky is so wide and so high
I hope, when will you come!

– I love you as much as Hanoi
To remember my mother find
From street to street
I’ll see you soon

– Hanoi is still too big
Lines like spiders weave webs
Come on these streets and that
How can I meet my mother?

– I love you as much as school
I’m there all day
When I study, when I play
As children, they all have mothers

– But at night I go home to sleep
So I’m away from school
And the mother is left alone
Then I miss you so much

Mother is always good to remember
I always want to be with you
If there is something closer
I love you with that

– Oh, mom, there’s a cricket
Always in my matchbox
Open it and you can see it right away
I love you like a cricket

Hopefully, through the article “Beautiful Poems Of Xuan Quynh” by DrKhoe.Vn you have a better understanding of this topic. Good luck.

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