Thơ Quang Dũng: Top 10 Bài Thơ Hay Của Quang Dũng

Quang Dung’s poetry is full of humanity as shown in the article, in the article Dr. Khoe will share the beautiful poems of Quang Dung.

1. Tay Tien

Ma River is far away, Tay Tien!
Remember the mountains, remember to play with.
Sai Khao covered the tired army,
Muong Lat flowers in the night slightly.

Steeping up a steep bend,
Pigs smoke alcohol, guns smell the sky.
A thousand feet up, a thousand feet down,
Whose house is Pha Luong raining far away.

My sloppy friend doesn’t walk anymore,
Fall on the gun and forget about life!
In the afternoon, the majestic waterfall roared,
At night, Muong Hich tigers tease people.

Remember, Tay Tien rice is on fire,
Mai Chau season you fragrant sticky rice.

The camp was lit up with torches,
Behold, I’ve never worn my shirt.
Humming up the timid girl’s tune,
Music about Vientiane builds poetic souls.

Those who go to Chau Moc that foggy afternoon,
Do you see the soul cleaning the shore?
Do you remember the figure on the cane,
Drifting flood waters swaying flowers?

Tay Tien army does not grow hair,
The green army is fierce and fierce.
Staring eyes send dreams across the border,
Dreaming of Hanoi’s beautiful, fragrant night.

Scattered across the borders of distant lands,
The battlefield goes without regretting the green life.
A robe to change a mat, he returned to the land,
The Ma River roared a solo song.

Tay Tien who went without an appointment,
The way to the abyss is a split embryo.
Who went to Tay Tien that spring,
The soul of Sam Nua does not return.

2. The eyes of the Son Tay people

I was in Son city and ran away from the enemy
I also left the war
How many days apart from the land of Realm
In the blue afternoon, you can’t see Ba ​​Vi mountain

My forehead carries the sky of my homeland
Your eyes are like village well water
I miss the land of white clouds
How many days have you missed me?…

Have you seen my mother anywhere?
The old corpses flooded the fields
I miss a little baby
How many times have the child’s body floated in the river?

The death toll is returned to the enemy’s shadow
Oh, the ruin, the ruin again
Dry laterite soil with many streams of tears
How many days have you filled with tears?

The eyes of the Son Tay people
Melancholy afternoon wandering
Loving the garden and fields of wisdom

When will you return to Buong Can?
Go to Sai Son mountain to look at the golden rice
Day River flows slowly through Phu Quoc
The kite flute is blowing late at night

when can I See You Again
It must have been peaceful and full of songs
The old war season is over
Do you ever miss me?

3. Double shores

Miss you indifferently, love who miss you?
The river is far away from layers of long rain
My other eyes have sadness and loneliness
When the early autumn comes early in the morning?

The next season’s cold is about to come
Citadel do you remember the numb side?
Spreading rain and dust around the front line
Hiu reflected the cold river in the afternoon.

Blue cigarette smoke opens the old way
Day and night river is cold on both banks
Instantly you’re back in the bottom of the cup
Talking and laughing like a dream night

It’s too far away, I’m on my own
The two sides of the country miss each other
I wear a thin shirt and let go of regrets
Are innocent tears abundant?

4. Clouds with umbrellas

Clouds at the top of the wandering cloud umbrella
Oh! How tight
Street corner
Clouds at the top of the umbrella
See you far away
Through a lamp post
In the evening, red eyes again
Slender old roof branches
The garden is beautiful when the leaves fall
The branches of the eagle open green again
Summer comes with sparrows
But what do we have?
See the days are not boring?
Wandering white clouds
The wind chases the narrow streets
Twenty-year-old classes
Bottle of water smashing the shell of a jar
Sweat absorbent face towel
Red dust
Golden dust
Midland palm ball
The sun burns their skin color
It’s the high sun
Hands scorched by the sun
It’s the construction sky far away
Navy blue bra
Fly away with the Navy hat
The spring twenties
From where blows into the city?…
Autumn clouds
Passing through the narrow sky
Glide quickly through the three-story tiled roof
Piano sound…
I follow the music
Fly off the roof
I love deep blue
Like a bird in the sky
I’m still young
Yeah! My friends
Entering the fifties
Clouds at the top of the umbrella
The sky is so blue…

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5. Roadside shop

I’m a passerby, it’s hot at noon
Take a break here, the shop is off the wall
Poor loofah doesn’t promise much
Rice season is expensive, the road is long, dear customers

I’m covered with a thick blanket, my hair is heavy
I sweat on my chest chan chan…
Evacuation road covered with strange and misty streams
I’m delirious with pink fever cheeks

I have a lonely house
The peach blanket I covered with embroidered flowers
My goods, poor bottles
I look back at the patched piece of old pants

I suddenly remember we are homeless
You’re displaced, I’m a soldier on the front lines
Far from Hanoi, together, from a long time
Tears of love for each other along the way

I paid for the water. Hot sun
The distant road is blurred with mountains and clouds
A soldier’s soul through a hair
I love you but you don’t know…

6. No subject (I)

I’m twenty years old
I am forever the green season
The fragrant guava trees that day
And the flower drenched in the rain
Your hair has turned into a white cloud
My eyes look like the past time

Today today
The good story is over
Time rushes
We are left
I’m twenty years old
I am forever the green season
Keep your love for beauty

Yeah! The old road
Falling seasons
Orphaned branch
Mossy old gate
Italy waits for people

Yeah! The old road
Fragrant guava garden yeast
I’m twenty years old
Love you chivalrous

Let me go
Twenty years road
How long to say goodbye

There are spouses
Not a hundred years
But love

Oh river! How long
Oh wide! Ocean
Stop crying
Don’t fall down!

I’m twenty years old
We are always the old green season…
Keep your love for beauty.

7. Bearded Soldiers

Late at night, the river is empty
Red fire in the evacuation shop
Soldiers work hard
Find a poetic night

Someone ordered coffee
A brother ordered cigarettes
One person looking back and forth…
– Hey, sister! Small glass of wine!
Just a small glass of wine
One cup for blushing
Give life flavor

– Hey, sister! Where do you sleep?
Then he held her baby
I bowed my head in silence

Little girl smiling
Young eyes look like stars

Eyes look like stars
Cheeks like plums
The season is sweet!

Hands like roots
The beard is better than the brush
I hug people
I hug it forever

The girl of many years
My age is just thirty
Where is your wife now?
He smiles smugly

When he returned, he was far away
She cleans up and goes to sleep
Cover your mouth in a blanket
I’m sad I don’t know

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Late at night, the river is empty
The sound of gunfire in the distance
Soldiers, guys, chest brakes
Sing softly the song…

8. Father Ha

End of the year on the way to Bo Ha
December season orange fire spots garden
The gravel beach is winding and the water is slow
Climbing the temporary bridge across the Thuong River

Peaceful carriage climbing red slope
End of the year on the way to Bo Ha
At the top of the hill, the reed shop has a reed stand
Horses stop catching coal dust from trains
The hamlet bids farewell to guests

End of the year on the way to Bo Ha
The terraced fields are still bare stubble
The forest and mountains are far away from the smoke of young buffaloes

Where do you go to midland hats?
Missing someone on the way to Bo Ha…
Forest far away from Yen The sacred lobster lies
Phon Xuong old fort was cold at the end of the year
Beard, hair, and hair of a general of the righteous flag
Brand new road horse

Nestled in the shadow of the orange garden on Bo Ha street
Ma Tay, tri district made merit
The inscription of the enemy at the Battle of Nha Nam.

9. Moon Road

That road is like a fairy tale
The way to the stories of the green days
The road through the wharf crosses the sand people
The sea tide rises with salt and fresh water

That way goes back through the shadow of the mountain
The shrine at night shines cold on the long river
Moving the mist on the waves
Sailing boat who knocks on the far sea

Why is that road so full of tears
Clear as jade, green bamboo leaves
The village well is still wet with the moon on the rock
Birds sleep fluttering with leaves and branches

Are the paths that go through the bamboo alley
The old mother is awake and looking at the coffee shop
Marching in the crowd that night
Know that there is a loving child of a gentle mother

Are the lines of the moon through the wharf
The fragrant jasmine flower is full of military equipment
This class is different from everyone else
The boat lies dry under the golden moon

Is a step in the way of resistance
How much is the heart of the village?
How much sleep in the village?
The chicken suddenly crowed with the wrong soup.

10. Ancient County

The bright moon still plays with the areca shadows
Sit here and send nostalgia
The cool wind shimmers the Beidou halo
Summer sound of frogs bustling the pond.

Sitting here for five years in a remote region
Hometown people with heels engrossed in other ways
There are moonlit afternoons at the top of the mountain
Whose house is pounding rice at night

Quiet and melancholy with shivering ducks
Insects are silent on the way the moon fades
Dear people, the old hometown’s lights are out
Gray hair looks out for the withered scene

Bamboo alley around the leaves
Where did the golden moon fall
The old alley does not expect people to come back
But the scent of pine flowers is still fragrant

Burn up the smoke and the scent is far away
The green line transforms into nothingness
U are proud of the past
Garden bananas let the leaves fly around

Hey! Hey! The night fades away
Looking in that direction waiting for people
The moon shines through the silver hair
Going back to the old district, I miss you!

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The moon is bright five years and the seasons are back
This summer brings back memories of the old autumn
People walking lonely streets
Loving days and people waiting

11. Hunan

Who knows what Hunan is like now?
Far away from the soul of the countryside
New wedding via boat
Ten years still thinking about the bride’s shadow

Who knew Hunan has changed now
The gravel beach roars around the water
Little girl bathing buffalo in the afternoon in the mountains
Where is the soldier now?

Who remembers Hunan with white clouds in the distance?
Seconds say advice spread everyone
The commander and the people eat the anniversary meal
After that, I kept reminding my army

“A row of areca wafers
A distant cloud
In the afternoon rain
So sad, Hunan!”

Golden old time diary page
Pity the nurse looks at people
Haven’t entered the campaign yet – the medical team is absent
Hometown Hanoi is like the sea.

12. Poetry for Mr. Lang

The road is hard, let’s go
Firmly follow the long-term resistance
White in the curse of keeping licorice
Iron lipstick is more fragrant with cinnamon
The country has been crowned with great silk
Where is the word “dong qui” rich?
Floating oil a few more floating
Believe that tomorrow will widen the way.

13. Pha Din

Like waves in the sky
What can be compared to Pha Din’s majesty?
Shake the sweaty driver’s head
Slope wharf chooses thousands of yards

Up, “Heaven’s Gate” descends into the abyss
Bend around the white stone circling the ladder
Horses carrying the top of the slope are as small as ants
Walking in the path of clouds sprinkled with yellow dust

As beautiful as the paintings of the Song Dynasty
The sound of rock rollers echoing
Blurry construction site now under mop
Pair of mobile road shacks
Still flying coals under the peach blossom

What can be compared to Pha Din’s majesty?
The way of the people goes under the torch
Nghe Tinh’s singing voice is heartbreaking
Rice, salt, day and night, besieged the enemy

Where is the crack of the crackling chain cannon
The martyr’s name is still green in the mountains
The wind shadowed the clouds over the top of Vietnam
But like a reed has a soul

Stop the car to look at the clouds and look to the south
Hanoi landmark road four hundred
Binh Thuan cooperation spreads foothills
Rice from Tien Hai has fragrant forest

What can be compared to Pha Din’s majesty?
Giang Son broods a western region
I just fell in love with the Country
Pha Din bursts into a lake of clouds

Hopefully, through the article “Beautiful Poems of Quang Dung” by DrKhoe.Vn you have a better understanding of this topic. Good luck.

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