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Instructions for making an outline Analysis of the first 12 sentences of the lesson Giving grace to good students the best. With the outlines and sample essays compiled and compiled below, students will have more useful materials for studying the subject. Literature the best. We invite you to join us!

Outline Analysis of the first 12 sentences of the lesson Giving grace to good students

1. Opening lesson

– Introduction about the author, works and excerpts:

+ Nguyen Du is a great national poet, famous in world culture. His work The Tale of Kieu is considered a masterpiece of literature that has been translated into many languages.

+ Excerpt from Giving Love is one of the poems that opens Thuy Kieu’s miserable life after she had to sell herself to get bribes for mandarins to save her father and brother. Before leaving, Kieu begged Thuy Van to accept the redundant predestined relationship of Kieu to take care of Kim Trong.

– Overview of the first 12 sentences: Thuy Kieu’s words to rely on and beg Thuy Van to marry Kim Trong on her behalf.

2. Body

a) Argument 1: Thuy Kieu’s reliance (first 2 sentences)

– Speech:

+ “Trust”: is synonymous with “thanks”, in addition, it also implies the meaning of sending, expecting to bring confidence about that help. -> Heavy tone, evoking writhing, painful, difficult to speak.

+ “Acceptable”: synonymous with “accepting” but carries a heavier meaning that is forced to accept, insist, cannot refuse.

=> Language is both begging, pleading, and coercion.

– Actions, gestures: “bow”, “sir”

+ Respectful, solemn attitude of the subordinate towards the superior or to the person to whom he is indebted.

+ Kieu’s actions create solemnity and sacredness for what is about to be said.

=> Shows the intelligence and ingenuity of Thuy Kieu.

b) Argument 2: Kieu’s arguments for predestined relationships (10 sentences later)

– Recall a beautiful love to evoke affection (first 4 sentences)

+ “break the burden of love”

+ “Excess silk termites”

+ “Wish fan, swear cup”

=> Thuy Kieu explained her unfinished love situation to me.

– The reasons why Kieu gave me the grace:

+ Kieu’s family encountered a big event “any storm”

-> Kieu fell into an awkward situation, leading to an unfinished and unhappy love affair of Kim – Kieu.

Kieu was forced to choose between love and filial piety, so she chose to sacrifice the word love.

+ Thuy Van is still young and has a future ahead of her

+ “Pity blood and blood instead of water” -> Mention the feelings of blood relatives of people of the same bloodline to convince you.

+ “The meat is broken and the bones are worn out”, “The smile is nine streams” -> Kieu resorted to death to show her true gratitude when Van accepted.

-> The plea was full of arguments and persuasive that Van could not refuse.

=> Through all the sensible arguments that Kieu gives, it shows that Kieu is an intelligent and sharp, emotional, self-sacrificing daughter, a filial and affectionate daughter.

c) Artistic features of the first 12 sentences: Giving grace

– Use subtle words, ingenuity, rigorous reasoning

– Use folk idioms and metaphors

– Use classics and classics

– Using the art of enumeration, metaphor

– Subtle, precise, persuasive language

– The tone is gentle, sensitive, rich in emotion.

3. Conclusion

– Summarize the content and value of the poem.

– State your feelings.

Essay Analysis of the first 12 sentences of the lesson Giving grace to good students – Model 1

Tale of Kieu is a literary masterpiece of the great poet Nguyen Du left to Vietnamese literature. The work has many humanitarian values ​​that make readers think. One of the outstanding excerpts that clearly depicts the heart of Thuy Kieu’s character is the excerpt “Giving grace.”

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When the family was in trouble, in order to rescue her father and younger brother, Thuy Kieu was forced to give her predestined relationship to Thuy Van:

“Trust me, I will accept,
Sit up and bow to me and I’ll tell you.”

“Thank you, hello, sir” are the words that the person on the lower shoulder speaks to the person on the upper shoulder. These words show Kieu’s special respect for the sister he asked for. Although she was in the upper role, Kieu did not use orders to her. Although she had many thoughts and concerns in her heart, she calmly handled, arranged, and gathered her story.

“In the middle of the road of broken love,
Glue loan stitches the excess silk to wear you.
Since meeting Kim,
When day fan wishes, when night cup swears.
Any turbulence,
Is filial love two-sided?”

Kieu presented to me about her situation, about her unfinished love with Kim and asked her to understand her suffering and accept her redundant relationship. The two made a long-term commitment, but now Kieu does not keep that promise. Because, she could not complete both “filial” and “love”; So this “love letter”, please send it back for Van to do on her behalf. Every word of Kieu is the pain and torment that she is going through. Who wants to see their father and brother wronged in prison? Who wants to leave the person they love when the love is very passionate? I feel even more pity for the silver Kieu.

“Your spring days are still long,
Merciful love of immature blood instead of words.
Even though your flesh is broken and your bones are worn out,
Laugh at the nine streams and still smell good.”

Van is still young, in her youth, Kim is a rare actor, if Van replaces Kieu with Kim Trong, then Kieu will leave with peace of mind because Van and Kieu will all share the same drop anyway. blood. To appreciate Van’s consent, even though Kieu had “broken flesh and bones” in a foreign land, she left with peace of mind, no longer thinking and worrying.

The poem fascinates the reader because it reveals before our eyes a realistic picture of the affectionate and respectful Kieu, we somewhat understand, sympathize, and pity the fate of a “red-faced” girl. silver par.”

The highlight that makes the work’s resounding success is the national folk hexagonal poetry. The excerpt using exclamation sentences successfully depicts Thuy Kieu’s mood and heart when giving her love to Thuy Van.

The excerpt in particular and the work in general have contributed significantly to diversifying the national culture. Many years have passed, but the excerpt “Changing the charm” with the work of Truyen Kieu still retains its original value and leaves many deep impressions in the hearts of readers.

Essay Analysis of the first 12 sentences of the lesson Giving grace to good students – Model 2

Nguyen Du is one of the great national poets. He left a great literary career with immortal works such as: Thanh Hien Thi volume; Nam Trung Ka Tam; Bac Hanh Tap Luc; Tales of Kieu; … In which, Tales of Kieu is considered the pinnacle work that leaves many imprints in the hearts of readers. With a skillful and excellent pen, Truyen Kieu has recreated the sorrow and bitterness of a girl’s life in the old feudal society. One of the excerpts that make up that success of Truyen Kieu is the excerpt from Trao Duyen with the first 12 lines of the poem filled with tears of gratitude.

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The excerpt from the love story is part of the second part of a series of poems about Thuy Kieu’s tumultuous and wandering days. The first twelve verses are the opening for that series of days full of pity, the voice of Thuy Kieu’s deep devotion to Thuy Van, asking her to continue writing Kim Kieu’s love story.

At the beginning of the poem, he drew a heart-wrenching irony of adversity:

“Trust me, I’ll accept it

Sit up for me to bow and then speak.”

Thuy Kieu is her but she “trusts”, “said” to Thuy Van? Words with solemn nuances are usually only used to respond to superiors, but here Thuy Kieu is used to address her sister. Is it possible that Thuy Kieu is carrying a difficult emotional feeling, a serious matter that she wants to send to her dear sister. Pair of response words: “trust-bear”; “Sit up-said” shows the ingenious logic in Thuy Kieu’s words. Thuy Kieu first expressed her wish that she would help her, and then earnestly expressed it. Thuy Kieu is both expected and determined to help from you, that only you can help me, only you can make me trust this important story.

And then Thuy Kieu confided her heartache to her:

“In the middle of the road to break the burden of the future

Glue sticks together to wear you with excess silk”

“Surrounding the burden” refers to an emotional responsibility, a duty of loving care. “break the burden of love” is talking about a dirty love story; Thuy Kieu is blaming herself for not fulfilling the morality of love for her beloved; agonizing over his own responsibility. And then she cleverly borrowed the classic “glue loan” to express her fervent desire that Thuy Van would marry Kim Trong on her behalf, taking care of and loving him on her behalf. The two words “wearing you” show Thuy Kieu’s absolute trust when entrusting her life-long love story to her.

The “burden of love” is not only an empty promise, but it also includes a lot of hardships and emotional trade-offs. Thuy Kieu knows that will force her; will make it difficult for you; I know that in my heart, there are also certain storms of anxiety and hesitation. That’s why Thuy Kieu gave reasons to convince Thuy Van:

“Ever since I met Kim,

When day fan wishes, when night cup swears.

Any fair play,

Understanding the wisdom of two sides?

Your spring days are still long,

Merciful love of immature blood instead of words.”

Thuy Kieu recalls the memories of a bygone romantic time. “Since” like opening up a long, wide, dreamy, happy space. “When the day fan wishes”; “When the cup of the night swore” day and night; Fan wishes- cup swears, space and time seem to expand, people seem to be engrossed in burning love. The sun and moon as witnessed for the love story Kim Kieu, for the two people’s hundred-year vow. The vow is like etched into space and space, into the landscape and lasts forever and forever.

Thought that this poetic love story would come to a beautiful ending, but someone often stormed, the family had to suffer injustice, because to protect her parents and younger brother, Kieu had to help Kim Trong. . Standing in the middle of the balance between being a child and the person she loves, Kieu had to tear her heart to fulfill her filial piety. She sacrificed the word love to fulfill the word Hieu, living a full life with the responsibility of the sister of the whole family.

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Kieu comforted Thuy Van that she was still young, she would have more time to cultivate feelings in the future, and although she and Kim Trong had a beautiful love story, the fire near the straw took a long time to burn. The sincerity over time will give wings to a predestined relationship, a happy life for two people.

Kieu also resorted to the blood of the large intestine to rely on Thuy Van’s love. Because Kim Trong is the person that Kieu loves the most, only when she hands it over to Thuy Van Kieu, she feels comforted and somewhat reassured. And Kieu hopes that you will write down your vows to Kim for the sake of your sisters and brothers.

Thuy Kieu seems to be distilling out each deep pain to express to Thuy Van and hope that Thuy Van will understand this heart, sympathize and share.

Thuy Van Thuy Kieu’s heavenly love will always be engraved in mind:

“Even though the meat is crushed and dewy

Smile nine streams, still fragrant”

Idioms “corrupted meat dew”; “laughing nine streams” makes us think of death, of pain. Is it possible that Kieu herself foretold the storm that was about to happen in her life and arranged everything in order. Today’s kindness Thuy Van accepted with her will forever be engraved by Thuy Kieu. Poetry seems to pour out all of Thuy Kieu’s heart. For her, the fact that Thuy Van joined Kim Trong on her behalf is the most joy, consolation and satisfaction in Kieu’s eternal life.

Nguyen Du is very ingenious when using hexagonal poetry combined with folk tales and idioms to express Thuy Kieu’s mood. A picture with simple words, close but creating a strong impression in the hearts of readers about the character’s image. Is this what has made the pervasiveness and permanence of the poem Truyen Kieu?

With only 12 verses of Nguyen Du’s poem, it seems to set up the tragic twists and turns of a woman’s life in an ancient feudal society. Thereby condemning a rotten society, a society in which the power of money has compressed people to the end of pain that cannot be escaped, full of darkness and infinite darkness.


Through the Analysis of the first 12 verses of the poem Giving grace to good students and some typical sample essays Trinh Hoai Duc High School Selected from excellent writings by students. Hope you will have a fun and useful time studying Literature!

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