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Mooncakes are always a practical and meaningful gift for you to express your gratitude, send gratitude, instead of a wish of abundance and fullness to relatives, friends, partners, customers,… However, In order for the familiar moon cake to become impressive, you need to know some secrets when giving gifts. thptphandinhphung.edu.vn shares art with you give moon cake suitable for each object detailed below.

1. How to give moon cakes to relatives and customers

Giving moon cakes to customers and partners

Gifts for customers and partners not only express the sender’s sincerity, but also show the level of the recipient. On the other hand, it also contains the meaningful message of connecting intimate relationships. Therefore, mooncakes given to partners in addition to premium taste, must also pay attention to luxurious, high-class and eye-catching forms.

The visual attraction first comes from the impressively designed cake box. The “Exquisite – Attractive – Attractive” box set of Maison Mooncake is an example. The cake box mixed between red – yellow or green – yellow represents development, prosperity, power and wealth, very suitable for gifting customers and partners during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Choose Maison Moon cakes as gifts for customers and partners

Moon cake as a gift for the boss

If you want to find a gift for your boss on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a delicious and beautiful cake box is definitely a smart choice. You should pay more attention to the health status of your boss when give moon cake.

  • If your boss has diabetes, choose a low-sweet cake, specifically for people with this disease.
  • If your boss has kidney problems, avoid giving mixed cakes because they contain a lot of salt.
  • If your boss has gout, avoid giving cakes with a lot of protein.
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If possible, you can also buy some high-end cakes. For example, Tai Thong Mooncake’s Malaysian imported mooncake. Or cakes made from healthy ingredients. For example, mooncakes with black garlic, bird’s nests, cordyceps, fins, etc. of Bao Ngoc, Fortuna Hotel, Movenpick Hotel, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, etc. With distinct taste and luxurious and refined beauty I’m sure you’ll make your boss happy.

Bao Ngoc's Mooncake Box

Bao Ngoc’s premium mooncake box “Thu Ngoc Luc Bao” is very suitable for your boss

Buy moon cakes as gifts for loved ones

Variety of flavors is the key word for a box of moon cakes given to loved ones. The convergence of many different flavors, salty and sweet, both shows the meaning of reunion of Tet reunion, and satisfies the taste of each family member. With 8 different flavors (4 traditional, 4 premium), the VinMart Mooncake Box: Tet Reunion – Peace of Mind will be a great gift to give to your loved ones.

VinMart mooncake box

VinMart mooncake box is rich in nutrition with carefully selected ingredients

Make a gift of moon cake for your lover

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for lovers do not need to be sophisticated and luxurious, but they must be unique, new and show your interest in the person you love. Therefore, trendy cake flavors such as melted lava, cold moon cake, moon cake filled with black sugar pearls, etc. will surely captivate young people who love fashion.

Moon cake box

Modern cake flavor suitable for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for lovers

2. Notes to know when giving moon cakes

Time to give

There are many questions raised such as when? give moon cake is the most reasonable. If you give the cake too long in advance, the quality of the product will not be guaranteed. At the same time, if the gift is too close to the holiday, it will not show the appreciation of the giver. So, the time give moon cake also very important.

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Currently, most people choose the time to give cakes is 1 week or half a month before the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the right time for you to find the right cakes. The recipient also has time to enjoy this gift as well as feel the sincerity of the giver.

Giving moon cakes at the right time shows care and sophistication

Giving moon cakes at the right time shows care and sophistication

The right type of cake

Each person will have a different taste. That’s why when give moon cake, It is necessary to find out the preferences of the recipient to choose the right type of cake as well as the right filling. This shows your care and sophistication towards them. And also show that you are observant, paying attention to the smallest details.

Number of cakes

If the recipient is a department or a group, you should choose a cake set in large quantities (over 8 pieces) for easy sharing. As for personal gifts, you should choose a set of 4 or 6 cakes of moderate size or a combo with tea/wine. Because the recipient only eats a few pieces at a time, a moderate amount of cake will be convenient for storage.

Moon cake

Pay attention to the number of cakes to give reasonable gifts

Expiration date and form of moon cake

Because it is a gift item, you need to pay attention to the quality and shelf life of the cake. Please choose the cakes with the closest production time. This prevents the recipient from wasting the cake when not paying attention to the expiry date.

In addition, when buying moon cakes, you also need to carefully consider the form of the outer packaging to ensure quality when giving as a gift.

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3. The address to buy moon cakes as impressive gifts

Currently, there are countless types of mooncakes that do not guarantee quality are sold on the market. Consumers need to be careful in their choices. To ensure you buy quality products, it’s best to choose mooncakes from reputable brands. Such as: Vinmart, Maison, Bao Ngoc Bakery, Fortuna Hotel, Movenpick Hotel, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, Golden By Tai Thong Mooncake, Brodard,…

Vinmart moon cake

Choose from reputable, quality, and affordable mooncake brands

These are high-class mooncake brands, meeting the regulations on ensuring food safety. Especially, there is a variety of flavors for you to choose from, the price is also rich, suitable for many different objects. In addition, the cakes are packed in beautifully designed and luxurious boxes that are suitable for gifts.

Here are the tips when give moon cake to relatives, friends, customers, partners,…. Hope these suggestions can help you “score” absolutely, get compliments and appreciation from the recipient.

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