5 cách dạy tiếng Anh cho bé 4 tuổi hiệu quả tại nhà

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4 years old is the golden age of children’s intellectual growth. Teach English for 4 year olds will help your child’s English learning process to be the most effective. Children not only acquire natural voices, pronounce correctly from a young age, learn English instinctively with all their excitement, but this is also a stepping stone, laying the foundation for children to be more successful in the future.

At each age of their children, parents should apply appropriate English learning methods for their children. English for 4-year-olds focuses mainly on helping children learn vocabulary on life-friendly topics, standard pronunciation and practice listening skillsI. And in order for your child’s English learning process to be effective as desired, parents should create the most comfortable “learning while playing” environment along with choosing the appropriate learning method.

Teaching English to 4-year-olds through flashcards and pictures

Flashcards are cards or small sheets of paper with information displayed on both sides of them. One side of the card has information, the other side is the information in the form of pictures to illustrate the content of the written word to be memorized.

With the form of repeating memorization, quickly swapping cards will stimulate the memory of the brain, helping children memorize words easily. Flashcard learning is widely used, especially for young children.

How to teach English to 4-year-olds through flashcards? Parents can apply the learning steps with this card as follows:

  • Choose a set of flashcards with a theme your child enjoys: To keep children interested throughout the learning process, start with English topics they are interested in. For example, if your child is interested in animals, have them flashcards about the topic first.

  • Shuffle cards quickly to help children memorize vocabulary: The mother sits across from the child, holds the card out in front of the child for about 1-2 seconds, and reads the words on the card aloud and clearly. Continue with about 5 cards and repeat 2-3 times.

  • Ask your child to point to words they have already learned: I spread the flashcards that I taught you back on the table and pointed to each card for the reader to return.

  • Explain the meaning of each card to your child: Based on the word you just read and the image on the back of the card, you can guess the meaning and I explain it to you in detail.

  • Review the words learned on flashcards: Parents can stick school cards at the door, on the study corner or anywhere in the house for their children to see often. Parents can review the words they have learned with their children by doing some activities such as finding flashcards that describe the correct word but the child is saying it, pointing to the card and the child saying the meaning of the word…

There are 2 types of flashcards for parents to choose from: paper flashcards and electronic flashcards – cards that are integrated on electronic devices such as smartphones. Parents can choose one of these two learning methods or combine both types of lessons to create novelty in the learning process for their children.

Teaching English vocabulary to 4-year-olds through flashcards is also a way but Tran Hung Dao High School Junior – English learning application for beginners (0-10 years old) applies with the following standards:

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Tran Hung Dao High School Junior teaches children to learn vocabulary through flashcards. (Photo: Baby Monkey)” >

  • The words in the lesson are divided by topic to help students memorize vocabulary more easily.

  • Large, bold font size.

  • Pictures and videos describe vividly, clearly and authentically.

  • The tags have consistent images and descriptions, they stand alone and don’t add “noisy” sub-images.

  • Fast card swapping time, at least 1 second helps to increase concentration and stimulate intellectual growth.

  • Learning content is repetitive, helping children remember and engrave what they have learned into their brains.

  • Parents can give their children a free experience Tran Hung Dao High School Junior: HERE.

    Teaching English to 4-year-old children through stories and audio books

    Teaching English to 4-year-old children through stories is an effective method that both helps children enjoy learning and stimulates their imagination. Parents can buy English story books and stories with Audio discs or use English learning applications that integrate this learning method for their children.

    Learning English through stories helps children more interested.  (Photo: Baby Monkey)

    The method of learning English through the online store of stories with rich content, always updated weekly by Tran Hung Dao High School Stories help me Easily practice all 4 skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. Different from regular comics, with Tran Hung Dao High School Stories, small can interact and type on the screen, helping the English learning process to be optimal.

    <b>Tran Hung Dao High School</b> Stories has a huge library of interactive comics and is constantly updated.  (Photo: Baby Monkey)” ></p>
<p dir=Nowadays, Tran Hung Dao High School Stories are available more than 1,000 interactive comics with 4 levels of 11 themes that are friendly to children’s lives. After each story, there will be 2-4 interactive activities presented in the form of games, helping children review and remember what they have learned.

    In addition to interactive comics, Tran Hung Dao High School Stories also available more than 300 audiobooks with 4 genres: Poetry, life lessons, fairy tales, fables with Voice read 100% from native speakers. The App also integrates features such as displaying words by voice, promising listening time, listening even when the screen is off… very convenient for children to “have a bath while listening to English” anytime, anywhere.

    Parents can give their children a free experience of the application: HERE.

    Teaching English to 4-year-olds through songs

    English songs with cheerful music, rhythm, easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember lyrics are a great means for children to learn new words, increase listening skills, learn pronunciation or common sentence patterns. With this way of learning, children can learn and play at the same time, anytime, anywhere, which is a useful form of “for children to listen to English”.

    Parents can teach their children English through songs.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

    How to teach English to 4-year-old children through songs? Parents can refer to the following steps:

    • Choose your child’s favorite theme song: Prioritizing interesting themed songs will help children be more excited when listening to music and learning English.

    • Listen to the song with lyrics: Parents can play the lyrics to help their child understand how the words correspond to the pronunciation. Currently, most English songs for children on Youtube have easy-to-remember lyrics.

    • Learn each part of the song: Listening to the whole song at once can make children “overwhelmed” by many new words. Parents can break the song into 15 -20 seconds each for their children to learn new words.

    • Sing and dance to the music: This not only helps children move but also increases interest in the learning process. This is also a practice step, encouraging children to speak more English.

    English songs in <b>Tran Hung Dao High School</b> Stories.  (Screenshot)” ></p>
<p dir=Parents can find English songs for 4-year-olds on Youtube channel, quality online music sites like Itunes, Spotify. English learning apps for kids Tran Hung Dao High School Stories also has a lot of interesting English songs for children and parents such as: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (little star twinkling), Baa Baa Black Sheep (Happy Black Sheep). ), Rain Rain Go Away (Rain Go Away)…

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    Let 4-year-olds learn English through games

    Smart devices are becoming more and more popular and learning English through mobile games is also chosen by many parents. This is a form of learning, but play brings a lot of excitement and positive learning effects to children. English game with eye-catching, highly interactive graphic design easily attracts children’s attention.

    Playing English games is also a fun way to learn.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

    Parents just need to go to the App Store or Google Play application and type in the English game application they want to download to set up their children to learn. Some games help 4th graders to learn English easily at home such as Kids Learning, ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics, Word Cookies!, Learn Letter Names and Sounds with ABC Trains, Word Bingo…

    ‘s English learning apps Tran Hung Dao High School like Tran Hung Dao High School Junior, Tran Hung Dao High School Good stories Tran Hung Dao High School Math evenly Design lessons in the form of games Fun interaction with specific goals such as learning vocabulary, learning pronunciation, learning to write…

    Games in <b>Tran Hung Dao High School</b> Junior are added continuously.  (Photo: Baby Monkey)” ></p>
<p dir=Some games are enjoyed by many children on the application such as: Pop Balloons, Jigsaw, Spell, Memorize Cards, Slideshow, Listen & Choose. Listen & choose the correct answer), Break the Egg (Smash eggs), Flashcards, Multiple choice (Choose the correct answer),…

    Learn through funny cartoons

    This is also an effective method of teaching English to 4-year-old children, but parents should not ignore it. Cartoons with interesting characters and details will definitely bring interesting and refreshing English learning moments for children.

    Learn English through cartoons.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

    Parents can refer to the steps to learn English through movies as follows:

    • Choose the right cartoon for your child: Because 4-year-old children do not have much English vocabulary, parents should give priority to children watching short cartoons with simple dialogues so that children can easily absorb them.

    • Select the appropriate viewing mechanism: Parents can choose to let their children watch movies with English or bilingual subtitles. This form of listening helps children both absorb new words and fully understand the meaning of the movie they are watching, avoiding the situation of skipping when watching the movie but not understanding the content.

    • Practice after watching the movie: Parents can have their children rewrite words or sentences they have learned through movies, practice those lines together, or draw a picture to summarize the story that they just watched….

    Consider what parents need to remember to help their 4-year-old learn English effectively

    In order for the child’s English learning process to be most effective, in addition to choosing the appropriate learning method, parents need to pay more attention to the choice of teaching materials as well as how to accompany their children.

    Parents need to have a clear learning plan for their children.  (Photo: Internet Collection)

    Here are some small considerations that parents should pay attention to when their 4-year-old child learns English:

    • Learning has clear goals and routes: Having goals and a clear English learning path will help parents have an appropriate method of accompanying their children. Monkey learning app All build a privatized learning path, appropriate to the level and age of each child, helping the learning process to be optimal.

    • Choose the appropriate English learning medium: Parents can choose for their children to learn English through apps, online websites, books, and YouTube channels. Each learning medium has its own advantages and linking them together to be effective. is necessary. best learning outcomes for children.

    • Do not examine the child: The test will unintentionally put pressure on children, make them afraid of English and lose interest in learning. For this reason, the review and learning activities in the app Tran Hung Dao High School‘s is designed as an educational game, creating the most comfortable psychology for children.

    • Be patient and accompany your child: Parents’ companionship plays an important role in their child’s English learning journey. With the support of parents and the appropriate method of companionship, your child’s English learning process will be as effective as it should be.

    Expectations with information Tran Hung Dao High School The above sharing has helped parents have more suggestions in choosing teaching methods English for 4 year olds effective at home. Parents, don’t forget to download the English learning app right away Tran Hung Dao High School‘s for your children to experience and have fun and interesting English lessons!

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